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90.415 EUR potential investments and donations registered via FINNJETweb, 22 voluntary crew members for the transfer crossing registered

On Tuesday FINNJET was stopped outside Jeddah for further negotiations and investment collecting plans set up by a group of investors from Turku. Until the end of the week, the amount of 8.8 Million Euros needs to be achieved and transfered to the Arabian owners in order to abort the scrap plans and get FINNJET back home. FINNJETweb has up to now received investment and donation requests worth of more than 50.000€ and furthermore 7 voluntary crew members would work on board for the transfer to Finland for free! We could be getting somewhere if more big investors can be convinced. Place your bids today! (See form below).


FINNJET was renamed "Kingdom" and left Jeddah (Saudia Arabia) for Mumbai (India) for scrap in the nearby shipbreaking yards in Alang on Sunday 25th May 2008. The current owners are only willing to accept cash offers, as is/where is. The cost of returning FINNJET home to Finland are therefore relatively high because of the transfer time. Together with USShipbrokers, FINNJETweb is now putting the final wheels in motion. THE SHIP IS AVAILABLE FOR ROUGHLY 7 mln EUR. Its amazingly cheap for what it is and its value remains the same for the next decades, the risk of a value loss is not existing anymore.

Everyone can be an Investor! If we find just 100 persons or companies willing to pay 70.000€ (a 1% share), the ship could be aquired already! Everyone needs to work together here, otherwise this project cannot be completed and Finnjet will be scrapped. What benefits would it bring for an investor to buy a share of Finnjet? The idea would be for example to have a residency on board for free at all times, if the Hotel/Museum ship project in Espoo or some other town in Finland should be realized. Of course also profits of the project would be then split up among the investors.

I stated in the last news article already, how many possible uses there are for the ship. The static role minimizes the operational costs of the vessel and makes it easy to make money with it, if only the harbour costs can be kept zero.

A further great help would be crewing on a voluntary basis for the transfer. Have you worked on board and have experience and interest in keeping the ship alive? Then also contact us. One of the biggest problems for many investors is the problem of crewing the ship for the transfer and its costs. CONTACT US!

We/I want to help to SAVE GTS FINNJET:

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Heres my old Save the Finnjet letter of 2005.

The official FINNJET logo

Dear Shipping-Companies and Ship Brokers,


The GTS FINNJET is one of the most famous passenger- and carferries in the world. For 28 years the ship has been sailing in the same waters. Strong marketing over all these years and a fascination caused by the simple elegance, unique technique and of course her amazing speed of over 30 knots have made her astonishingly well known in Finland and Germany and also led to the creation of this website. This chapter in the life of this legendary vessel has ended in 2005 mainly due to a bad financial situation of her operators and owners. Now the ship is for sale! Now YOU have the unique chance to get a legend into your fleet and SAVE FINNJET! Let me give you a few good reasons to save GTS FINNJET:

  • Built at the world-famous finnish Wärtsilä Helsinki shipyard in 1977 as a high-tech vessel, FINNJET is a very high quality ship specially built for demanding operations like high-speed long distance service, fast turnaround times and high reliability in difficult weather conditions (storm/ice). Ice-class 1A SUPER stands for a specially strong construction and engines. Due to the special long and narrow shape of the ship's hull, it offers not only an easy achivable high-speed but also a very high stability compared to similar sized ships. This led to the observation of many people that Finnjet acts excellently in rough seas
  • Steady investments in technical equipment and interior spaces have kept the ship in a very good condition in every matter. The last major 15m EUR refurbishment was not even 1,5 years ago. The current state of the art interior design of the ship was planned by the world-famous architect's office Partner-Ship-Design.
  • Even with her length of 215m FINNJET still is an easily maneuverable ship. Strong and big rudders (built in 2004!), a stern thruster and two strong bow thrusters combined with the flexible gas turbine propulsion make it possible for this ship to navigate also in difficult and narrow waters and harbours (like St. Petersburg!)
  • You take over a very easily marketable and highly popular ship - From the beginning until today, FINNJET had lots of regular passengers and fans that couldn't wait to take a trip with the ship. If you CAN market a ship like this as yours, you should do it! If your guests know and feel like on a special ship, they will much more easily enjoy their trip and of course they will also more likely tell their experience to friends, familiy etc. opening more opportunities. Verbal propaganda is the best marketing you can have, which other ferry at this price makes life so easy for you?
  • When it comes to facts Finnjet is a cruise ferry that will transport your passengers and cargo from one point to the other at comfort. It offers a cardeck for almost 400 passenger cars (different loading options with trailers etc. available) and around 1.600 passenger berths from the luxury Commodore cabin to the simple lounge chair. Every passenger's pocket can afford a suitable accomodation on board. Various bars, restaurants, shops, lounges and much more interiors make your passengers enjoy the time on board, either as a minicruise or as simple crossing
  • All this costs you only 18 Million USD, since that is the price SeaContainers currently asks for.

Why is an amazing ship like FINNJET available at such a low cost? The explaination is simple: NO compareable ship of similar age exists, compared to other 28-year old passenger-ships Finnjet is just up to date! Few ship brokers and operators consider this. Of course also Finnjet's gas turbines play an important role, because operators are afraid the ship cannot be run economically with them. Anyway here are ways to solve the problem:

  • Finnjet does also have plain Diesel engines! They will give you 18 knots speed at about the same cost compareable ships would have with only Diesel engine propulsion
  • The gas-turbines currently installed on the Finnjet are from the 70s! An investment in new turbines could be a remunerative option: The engine room was specially built for an easy exchange of the old turbines, anyway it was never realized. Compared to the current turbines, newer models save easily 20% fuel
  • Probably more expensive but even more economical are new Diesel engines. Plans of Seacontainers prove that it is possible to extend the ship's Diesel power to allow the ship to go at a service speed of 24 knots.

Any of these measures helps to minimize the MAIN problem of the ship: Fuel consumption. However, the ship IS good and - because of the fuel problem - cheaply available. An additional investment in one of the upper options is a clever way of helping the ship to become a success-story more easily also in your fleet!

Last but not least I still want to express my and my website's support for any possible future operator of this ship, as long as they keep up the spirit of this famous "lady".

I hope I could at least reduce some of the usual prejudices against this special ship. For further information on the ship you can explore my website, drop a mail or contact Silja Oy AB/SeaContainers Ltd. directly. Why am I doing this? Because I love the ship as many others also do and I'm sure this ship is by far not yet ready for the Red Sea or India... I know that there are people reading my site who do have the ability to SAVE FINNJET! I count on you!

Best Regards,
Mathias Saken

PS: Quoting a site visitor, "please don't change her name - that's history". I'm anyway sure, at least in the case of Fjordline, GTS Fjordjet would be also fine ;-)
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